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It’s a real pleasure to listen to Cettina Donato’s newest album, painting with the musicians involved in this project as actors to show what Cettina Donato wants to represent. She is a wonderful bandleader, as is her Master Salvatore Bonafede, who wrote the liner notes of this album. All the musicians in this project make up a collective work with never a boring moment. Donato's piano pushes them in order to produce the best music they can.

by Vittorio Lo Conte -All About Jazz-

Cettina Donato writes and arranges so well, using all the techniques to create interest: odds (7/4 on Goodfaith and Last Minute), vamps, riffs.

Crescendo impresses for so well done arrangements and melodic lines; each composition is so well constructed and advanced, enhancing soloists.

by JazzIt Magazine (Extract)

Great success has come for the Sicilian piano player Cettina Donato. The Jazz Revelation Records is a label that once a year publishes an album showing the Berklee College of Music's best composers. Cettina will be part of the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra. So, Cettina Donato is not performing only as a jazz piano player, but also as classical piano player as well. Cettina received the Carla Bley Award as best composer,  a prestigious award offered by the Berklee College of Music's Jazz Composition department. Cettina is also working at Berklee College as a Tutor, teaching Classical and Jazz Harmony, Ear Training, Composition, and Arranging.

by Gerlando Gatto -A Proposito di Jazz- (Extract)

Cettina Donato’s compositions beg to be compared with Gerswhin and Ellington's compositions. Cettina's compositions are a beautiful trip, rich with imagery and musical moments. 

by Andrea Romano -L'isola che non c'era Magazine- (extract)

Cettina Donato's compositions are beautiful, charming, and spontaneous. It's clear to hear how the pianist knows the tradition but also uses a new way to describe her own music.
                                  by Gazzetta del Sud newspaper (extract)

Cettina Donato is a soft and deep pianist, a generous and fine composer, and a musician who is able to describe with ease the Mediterranean feeling. When you listen to Cettina’s music, you can hear a passionate strength, a passion for jazz music so intense that it looks like it comes up from colours, flavours, profiles of a beloved land.       

by Stefano Solventi -SentireAscoltare Jazz Magazine- 

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