It’s a real pleasure to listen to the new Cettina Donato’s album, a painting with musicians involved in this project as actors to show what Cettina Donato wants to represent. She’s a wonderful director, as her Master Salvatore Bonafede, who wrote the liner notes of this album. All musicians in this project make a collective work with no any boring situation, always cared by Cettina Donato's piano, pushing them in order to have as the best as they can do.

Vittorio Lo Conte, All About Jazz

Cettina Donato writes and arranges so well, using all the techniques to create interest: odds (7/4 on Goodfaith and Last Minute), vamps, riffs.

Crescendo impresses for so well done arrangements and melodic lines; each composition is so well constructed and advanced enhancing the soloists.

JazzIt Magazine (Extract)

The Cettina Donato’s compositions aren’t afraid to be compared with other Gerswhin and Ellington's compositions. Cettina's compositions are a beautiful trip rich of images and situations. 

Andrea Romano's review L'isola che non c'era Magazine (extract)

Great success for the Sicilian piano player Cettina Donato. The Jazz Revelation Records is a label that once a year publishes an album showing the Berklee College of Music's best composers.Cettina will be part of the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra. So, Cettina Donato is not performing as only jazz piano player but as classical piano player as well. Cettina received the Carla Bley Award as best composer, prestigious award offered by the Berklee College of Music's Jazz Composition Major.Cettina is also working at Berklee College as a Tutor, teaching Classical and Jazz Harmony, Ear Training, Composition, Arranging.

Gerlando Gatto "A Proposito di Jazz (Extract)

Cettina Donato, soft and deep pianist, generous and fine composer, a musician able to describe with no matters the Mediterranean feeling which wants mystery and carnality get together with a persuasive lyricism. When you listen to Cettina’s music you can listen to a passionate strength, a passion for jazz music so intense that it looks like it comes up from colors, flavors, profiles of a beloved land.    

Extract by SentireAscoltare Jazz Magazine (Stefano Solventi)   

The Cettina Donato's compositions are beautiful and charming, spontaneous and it's possible to see how the pianist knows the tradition but uses also a new way to describe her own music. 

Gazzetta del Sud (extract)

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